#1 Lawn Service in Houma Louisiana

Are you looking for the best landscape service company in Houma?  Look no further!  Bayou Turf Pros has a small and limited goal… to leave your home’s landscape looking as beautiful as possible each and every time we are there.  What makes a lawn care company the best? Let me tell you.


For a lawn care company to be considered the best Houma Louisiana lawn care mowing service company in the area, it needs to be a company that you can depend on.   Bayou Turf Pros  shows up on time and on a regular schedule. Of course the weather can affect the schedule of any outdoor job, but Sean, the founder of Bayou Turf Pros is not going to forget about you just because it rains. This turf company will make sure your home is serviced and taken care of as soon as humanly possible!


As the owner / founder of Bayou Turf ProsSean Smith maintains professionalism at all times. Our company vehicles and equipment are meticulously cared for to insure the highest quality work in the safest, most efficient manner.  We are there to get the job done with the minimal amount of interruption to your day. Because the owner is at every job site, you know exactly who is at your home and what they are doing.  We understand that we work for you!  We are here for you and here to make your home look the very best it can be.


If you are paying for a professional turf care company in Houma, LA then you want it to be knowledgeable. We are continually learning and improving at turf service that.  BTP applies that knowledge to caring for your property like it was our own. We are the landscape company in Houma that has the solution to your turf needs and keeping your landscape beautiful all year round.


Bayou Turf Pros is no stranger to hard work.  Sean Smith built this business as an owner operated, one man operation to serve the local community.  Hard work, long hours, dedication, and a love of our customers is who we are.  Bayou Turf Pros is in the business of serving their clients with integrity and making their outdoor dreams come true.  We are a family-oriented business and take pride in providing exceptional mowing and lawn maintenance services.  

#1 Lawn Service in Houma Louisiana
#1 Lawn Service in Houma Louisiana

Bayou Turf Pros -- Your Skilled and Respectful Houma Louisiana Lawn Service

When you’re looking for a lawn service in Houma, LA it can take some time to sort through all the available options. What is the best choice for turf care services? At Bayou Turf Pros, we offer Louisiana’s best lawn care and landscape services, delivered with respectful, conscientious attention to your comfort, convenience, and pride in your property. Our service is different because we designed it differently. It starts with our quiet equipment.

The Right Lawn Service Schedule

Are we predictable? Can you use your lawn without unexpected interruption? Of course. In addition to quieter work that doesn’t intrude on your breakfast, we also work with you to provide predictable weekly visits. When the weather doesn’t cooperate, we have a standard process for rescheduling and we make sure we have your approval.

Weekly Lawn Mowing Service

We find that regular service visits, in most cases, is the best way to keep your lawn growing strong and healthy. If the weather isn’t supporting vigorous grass growth, we might modify our visits at times — you pay for only the work you need.

Weekend Parties? Choose Your Service Day Priority

Can we help you make the most of your pool parties, barbeques, picnics and yard sports? Of course! We reserve our lawn mowing schedule nearest the weekend for premium-level customers who want to make sure their lawn is perfect for weekend events. If that’s not a priority for you, feel free to save some money and schedule a visit earlier in the week. Your grass will thrive either way.

We Know Houma, LA Lawns

What’s the best way to care for Houma-area landscapes throughout the year? We have practical knowledge as well as technical skill in lawn care. Proper year-round care of your turf is a complicated proposition.  We keep an eye on weather trends, survey our clients’ lawns, and do other research to ensure that we’re doing the right work and applying the right ingredients for your best results this year.

We Cut for Grass Quality, Not Just Length

How often is best for mowing? Our weekly lawn service visits allow us to monitor your lawn and respond to any attention it may need as the year passes. We have specific goals for grass length that, in addition to providing you with a beautiful yard now, optimizes the grass growth, root structure, and hardiness.

Attention to Your Landscape Details

Are you concerned about quick but awkward lawn mowing technicians? No worries with Bayou Turf pros. Many of our clients’ yards in and around Houma, LA include landscaping details such as water features, pergolas, gardens, patios, decorative items, and rock edgework. We take care and use the right lawn care equipment to make sure that these features and your grass both stay beautiful.

We Take Quiet Pride in Your Lawn Care

If you watch us during a weekly service, you’ll often see us step back at the end and survey your lawn, not only checking the overall appearance but also enjoying it. We take pride in our lawn care, and feeling good about how your lawn looks is important to us — so that we know you’ll feel good about it, too.

Turn to Us for Mulching, Tree Branch Trimming, and Other Yard Details

In what ways can you augment your yard’s appearance? Do you need attention to annual maintenance beyond your grass? You don’t need specialists to keep your yard in shape each year. Our crew can trim your lighter tree branches and clean your yard. We’ll trim shrubs and hedges, install edging, and add mulch to your gardens and other spaces in a variety of colors to add beauty to your landscaping and limit weed growth.

Confidence in Our Work is Our Business Model

What’s our guarantee? Our scheduling and billing process is based on our confidence that you’ll love our service. If not, discontinuing is simple and stress-free, and we’ll be glad to make things right and keep going, too. As long as you see our value, we’ll keep performing our top-quality service and making you proud.

Are You Ready to Relax and Enjoy Our Results?

If you prefer an orderly, quiet, refined, and conscientious lawn care service, with top quality work and extensive experience, you’ve found us. We’re Bayou Turf Pros and we serve Houma, LA and the surrounding areas with top-quality lawn service. Everything about our service is easy and respectful, and there’s nothing like a beautiful, healthy lawn and carefully detailed yard to make your property amazing. Reach out to us through text messages from our website, filling out our web form, or calling us at 985-226-7322

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The Bayou Turf Pros Difference...

Greenery in this area begins to wake up from dormancy in late March. By mid April, yards are ready for the first cut.   We pay close attention to all our clients turf to ensure we aren’t damaging it in any way. Part of our strategy is changing the cutting pattern every so often to prevent ruts.  Following the same path will tend to leave markings, regardless of the mower size.  Our clients properties are treated with the utmost respect and integrity. We treat their homes as if they were our own.

Our Houma mowing service deals with cool season turf grasses which includes rye grass, Kentucky blue grass, fescues and other popular grasses, both residential and commercial. We are experts in all these types of cultivars and know the best practices in mowing and caring for each type to ensure the best growth. The key part of ensuring optimal growth is following the one-third rule which many are unaware of. You should never trim more than one third of the grass blade, doing so stresses grass shoots and slows or prevents optimal growth. Our goal is to allow the grass to take in the proper nutrients through the root, blades and photosynthesis.

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Best Houma LA Lawn Care Mowing Service

#1 Lawn Service in Houma Louisiana

Top Rated Raceland LA Lawn Care

What’s the best way to care for Houma-area landscapes throughout the year? We have practical knowledge as well as technical skill in lawn care. Proper year-round care of your turf is a complicated proposition. We keep an eye on weather trends, survey our clients’ lawns, and do other research to ensure that we’re doing the right work and applying the right ingredients for your best results this year.

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Houma mulch

Best Source for Houma Mulch

Transform your landscape with a professional mulch installation. Serving Greater Houma Louisiana, Bayou Turf Pros is your best choice for mulch installations, lawn mowing, and shrub-hedge trimming. Get fast, hassle-free pricing by texting Sean at 985-256-5335 or by filling out our brief contact form.

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