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A well done groundcover installation is often what ties together the entire landscape.


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Benefits of Mulch Installation

  • Weed Control

    A layer of groundcover can prevent the germination of many weeds. Sunlight is blocked, which helps discourage weed growth without the need for herbicides.

  • Moisture Retention

    Water from rains and sprinkler systems trickle down through the layers and reach the root systems of plants. Sunlight is blocked, which prevents evaporation, and allows for better water retention.

  • Erosion Prevention

    Mulch and rocks serve as a useful tool to utilize in certain areas to prevent recurring erosion problems.

  • Temperature Control

    Groundcover serves as an insulating blanket, keeping your plants cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Extreme heat and cold can damage plants and cause nutrients to break down faster.

  • Improve Soils

    Organic materials break down over time, adding valuable material to your soils.

  • Appearance

    Quite simply, mulch just looks great. Mulch is often the finishing touch that brings uniformity to a great landscape design.

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gray la mulch installation

Gray LA Mulch Installation

Proper Install:   For optimal performance, groundcover should be installed at a depth of 3-4 inches and rocks should be at a depth of 2-3 inches.  It’s important that these items are installed properly to ensure performance and protection. We are careful that materials are not laid too close to the structure siding or due any damage to the house.

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Spring is the perfect time to apply mulch to your garden.  Mulch is any material that covers the ground and insulates it from sun, evaporation, and erosion.  After you have finished your winter cleanup and pruning chores, but before the rains end is an ideal time to add groundcover, not only to provide the best environment for your plants, but also to help prevent the growth and development of weeds.

Organic material is wonderful for the soil, and it follows that it is good for your plants for a number of reasons.  It jump-starts the useful work done by microscopic organisms, retains moisture, thus preventing plants’ roots from drying out; and deters weeds by providing a barrier between the soil and the sun.

Mulching is a time-saver for the Gray LA gardener – it takes a fraction of the time to put down mulch that it would take to weed later on.  And using mulch to control weeds reduces the use of expensive and dangerous herbicides.

Groundcover can be composed of organic or inorganic materials.  Organic mulches include manure, compost, grass clippings, shredded bark, shredded wood, and even newspaper sheets.  Pine needles can be used as mulch but they are very flammable, so it is best to chop or grind them up first.  Shredded leaves from fall leaf drop make excellent mulch. 

There are many choices for your Gray LA mulch installation.  Natural inorganic mulches include gravel, pebbles, and crushed stone.  Other inorganic mulches are plastic, cardboard, and even pieces of old carpet.  The mulch you use will depend upon the job you want the mulch to perform and how you want it to look.

Any ground that needs enrichment, such as flower or vegetable beds you will be planting later in the season, will benefit from an application of organic material.  Mulching around shrubs, trees, annuals, and perennials will improve the soil that feeds their roots, as well as deter weeds.  Large areas that you wish to keep weed-free are also candidates for a thick application of mulch.

Pile mulch six to eight inches deep, tapering down to three inches deep about 10 inches away from the stems or crowns of plants.  Do not place material directly on top of plant crowns or too close to the trunk or stems of your plants, since a layer of mulch can cause the crown to rot.  You can, however, apply mulch right on top of plants that do not have above-ground stems or crowns (such as bulbs, stoloniferous or rhizomatous plants).

To control annual weeds, apply four to six inches of mulch on top of the soil, or even on top of the weeds themselves.  To control perennial weeds, an application of 12 to 16 inches is needed.

The reappearance of weeds in an area that has been mulched is an indication that the mulch has decomposed to such a degree that a new application of mulch is required.

While the benefits of applying mulches are many, mulch can also lead to an increase in mole activity because of the increase in the worms and grubs they feed on – the more alive your soil is, the more it becomes a habitat for other creatures.

Organic material can deplete the soil of nitrogen during the process of decomposition, so it is a good idea to supplement occasionally with applications of fertilizers rich in nitrogen such as manure, bloodmeal, feather meal (made from chicken feathers), or cottonseed meal.

Finally, different garden situations require different choices of mulching materials:  for example, dryland garden plants (xeriscape plants) such as native California plants, cacti, and succulents, have evolved to flourish in dry conditions and poor soil.  The moisture-retentive qualities of organic mulch could be detrimental to their vigor and growth while the use of stone or gravel mulch would be helpful in replicating their natural environment.

Your choices can range from commercial mulches purchased at a landscape center, to bags of organic mulch available at nurseries and home improvement stores, to your own shredded leaves, grass clippings, and yesterday’s paper.  The benefits of mulching far outweigh any negatives, so there is no reason not to mulch.

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When to Replace Your Mulch & Rock:

With a Bayou turf Pros, Gray LA mulch installation, we offer a variety of groundcovers and rock options for our clients. We use the highest quality materials so your planting beds maintain that vibrant look for an extended amount of time. Even when using the highest quality groundcover, mulch should be replaced yearly due to decomposition and rocks (pea gravel, blue stone gravel, red gravel, slate, river rock) should be replaced every 2-3 years depending on condition.


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