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Our hedge and shrub trimming service is provided on a one time basis, and also as an ongoing seasonal service… whichever you prefer.

Having your hedge looked after on a seasonal schedule is the better choice.  Your hedge will always be looked which will lead to a healthier growth pattern with the more frequent trimming and it will continue to look properly maintained throughout the season.

Hedge and shrub service frequency depends on the type of plant to be trimmed.  Slow growing shrubs may only need a quarterly trim but others, such as viburnum will go through rapid growth spurts that often need biweekly trimming

We offer hedge shaping, such as significantly reducing the height or width of a hedge.  We do hedge thinning and renewing, by dead wooding the hedge and clipping the hedge  thicker and older branches.  We do hedge and shrub removal and disposal.  Finally, we offer hedge and shrub planting.  By planting the correct shrubs at the right distancing, we create a hedge for aesthetics and privacy.

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For immediate assistance phone Sean at 985-256-5335

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